Hi, we're sharity.link!
We wrote this page to let you learn a little more about us and why we're happy that you joined us! :)
Our goal is to fund small, impromptu acts of kindness using crowdfunded ad revenue. Fancy worded jargon aside, we make nice things happen using the money advertisers pay us. Each time you visit one of our links or view a cause, the small ads placed on the page help fund that cause's completion. At zero cost to you! :) These small ads as a whole let us do big things and share many acts of kindness with people all over the world.
While we are not a non-profit on paper, we behave like one. We budget a small percentage on top of all projects to cover our operating costs (web hosting, administration costs etc.). All our staff are are currently working in a volunteer capacity. Any extra money that is left over is either put aside for next month's costs, or we put it towards another yet non-funded cause. We are NOT a for profit organization.
100 smaller acts or 1 large cause? Our belief is that yes, a large cause is great, but a single small meaningful act of kindness can brighten just as many people's day. Even cause a large ripple effect. That's why we do what we do.
Anyways, enough about us. We hope this page gave you a better idea what we are about here at Sharity.Link. If you have any questions or suggestions, we would love to hear from you.
All the best, now lets get out there and share some kindness!