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Advertise With Us
What kind of ads can we offer you?
Cause Details Ad:

When a visitor clicks for more info about a cause, your ad will be shown in the sidebar ad spot.

Link Top Banner Ad (most popular):

Top banner ads are shown whenever someone clicks on a link for a cause and the link landing page is shown. IE/ Generally your ad will not be the only ad displayed on the page.

Link Side Bar Ad:

Side bar ads are shown whenever someone clicks on a link for a cause and the link landing page is shown. IE/ Again like top banner ads, your ad will usually be place on a page with other ads.

Sponsor A Cause:

Either you select, or we will choose an already existing cause or we will create a new one. Your ad will be shown whenever someone clicks a link, leading to the link landing page for that cause. It will also be shown to anyone viewing that cause's details. No other ads will be shown on the page with yours.

Create A Cause:

You provide us with an cause. We add it to the site. Your ad and only your ad will be shown whenever a visitor clicks on a created link (link landing page) related to that cause. All submitted causes are subject to approval. If not approved, we can work together to find solutions and common ground in most cases.

Unfortunately at present we do not offer homepage takeovers, “background image” ads, or pop-ups.

What kind of products/websites can I advertise?
We do not wish to work with any publisher that promotes any of the following: drugs both illegal and legal, counterfeit goods, hacking/cracking, adult content, violent content, copyrighted material, underage, non-consensual, or illegal acts, content that advocates against any individual, group, or organization etc. As well as anything we might feel is opposed to our philosophies or goals. We retain the right to deny an ad for any reason. That being said, if you are not sure, please feel free to contact us anyway, we will politely let you know if we will accept your ad or not. No drama, nothing personal.
What are your rates?
We tried to keep it pretty simple. We calculate the ad cost by dividing the number of ads shown on a given page by the total amount needed to complete the cause. So if $90 was needed and the page has 3 ad blocks on it, each ad would cost $30. The ad would then be shown in the same spot every time, that the page related to that specific cause is viewed. Even after the cause is funded and completed.
When your ad is placed and paid for, the money is placed aside. We let the cause run like normal with your ad or ads showing. Once we reach the amount of page views or “clicks” required to fund the cause, it would then be marked as funded and the money from your ad used to complete the cause.
It's worth noting, that because we do not remove a cause or disable any links related to that cause once it has been funded, your ad will be shown well after the cause has been completed.
We also offer the ability for a small extra fee to add you company logo to our partners section when you sponsor a new cause. The actual amount will depend on the cost of the cause sponsored. This will be offered to you once you place an ad with us. As we only have limited space, it is subject to availability.
At this stage, we do not have a self-serve automated type system. So please contact us if you wish to place an ad and we will work with you directly to fulfill the order.
Let's share some kindness together. :)
To inquire about advertising your product, website or content on our site, please fill out the form below and our staff will get in touch.