Why you should plant a tree today!
Why you should plant a tree today!
While we could easily list 50 important reason to plant a tree today, we decided to limit ourselves and narrow it down to our top 5 reason why you should plant a tree today. These are in no particular order.
1. They help fight soil erosion.

When planted on a hillside or steep terrain, the roots of trees will act as a mesh that will hold the ground in place. This prevents soil erosion. Every year 75 billion tons of earth and soil are lost to soil erosion. When you have a high rate of soil erosion in an area, it can render it infertile which will then possibly require expensive synthetic methods of fertilization. This often leads to land simply being abandoned due to almost irreversible degradation and higher cost of farming. So you can see why it is important we do our part to prevent this.
2. Trees sequester carbon dioxide.

Pretty much everyone and their grandma knows that trees produce oxygen, but a lot of people don't know they serve another equally important role: that is in the removal of harmful c02 from our atmosphere. With rising c02 levels we all need to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint. Pretty much everything we do today has some sort of carbon footprint attached to it. Surfing online, driving your car or even just eating dinner. It all adds to it. While it's almost impossible to completely remove your carbon foot print, we can lower it. One great way is with planting a tree. Over its lifetime a tree will clean 40 tonnes of c02. That is a huge amount and will help to offset some of your carbon footprint.
3. Trees produce oxygen.

Using photosynthesis trees produce fresh clean oxygen. Not much else to say, without oxygen we wouldn't be able to live on the planet. So yeah, that is a good reason. The best part is, it doesn't matter where the tree is planted. It's global, so those 1000 trees planted across country or even on another continent will benefit us all.
4. Trees help to save energy.

We've talked about soil erosion, removing carbon from the atmosphere and the crucial oxygen trees produce that we need to survive, but trees also help to save energy. When planted correctly near your home or other buildings, trees will provide shade and block wind. This helps keep your house cool in the summer and warmer during those cold windy, winter days. This means you can lower you heating costs in the winter and maybe skip using your air conditioner a few extra days in the year, thus lowering your electricity costs.
5. Trees help to maintain local water cycles.

Another overlooked but equally important role trees play is in maintaining local water cycles. Without going too in depth, basically trees prevent flooding and help refill natural aquifers located underground. They also help to maintain water vapor in the air. This increases the chance of rainfall in that area. Which is good for a whole slew of reasons. When there are less trees in an area, or they have been cut down, the chance of drought and desertification increases. When you plant a tree, you help prevent some of these negative outcomes.
Well there you go 5 reasons why you should plant a tree today! If you want to help plant a tree today, why not share one of these links below? All money raised will go towards plating a tree, best part is it is free!